Cambridge Assessment

Alongside six centres across Germany, the Academy of English has been authorized by Cambridge Assessment based in the university city in Great Britain to deliver Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (previously called ATS: Admission Testing Service).

For over 20 years now, Cambridge Assessment has been designing and delivering admissions tests, supporting educational providers, professional organisations, governments and employers right around the world. The tests are designed for purposes of selecting and recruiting candidates, either for university or employment.

Assessing Suitability and Acadamic Levels of Candidates

The tests are predominantly used by top British universities to assess the suitability and academic level of candidates. The results of these tests often inform final decisions of university recruiters for places at universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, the colleges of the University of London, Durham University, University of Bristol and the University of Bath.

Test Center in Oldenburg

The more-than-twenty tests on offer fall into two categories: specialist tests and generic tests, both of which are administered by the Academy of English on behalf of Cambridge Assessment.

Based in Oldenburg, we act as a test centre covering northwestern Germany and the northern Netherlands, including Oldenburg’s partner city of Groningen.

Applicants would ideally need operational proficiency in the English language to take any of the tests listed below.

If you wish to enter for an examination at the Academy of English, you should download and fill in this Application Form. For further Information please contact our Exam Centre Manager, Ms. Luisa Barthel, at