Worksheet Design

Delivering a high quality teaching service requires excellent staff coupled with outstandig learning resources and materials. The Academy of English prides itself on its ability to design highly professional paper-based materials either as stand-alone worksheets or print-based materials to supplement electronic and digital resources.

Given the excellent stock of print-based materials in its English Language Teacher’s Library, the Academy and its staff are able to draw on the broadest possible range of materials from international publishers to meet students‘ learning needs.

And yet, the „book“ does not always contain the materials we require, especially for our English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. There are instances where we draw up, design and distribute our own materials to meet the precise needs of the students.

A command in worksheet design is, therefore, a must have for a teaching practitioner to cater the learning needs of the student(s) in his/her care. By worksheet design, we both mean the ability to design and format worksheets in an effective and appropriate manner; but also to meet the highest professional standards, so much so that the materials are of publishable standards.