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The Academy of English aims to be the premier provider of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Oldenburg by:

  • encouraging students to learn a foreign language: English;
  • creating an interactive, stimulating and colourful environment in which students can learn and interact with the language;
  • building student confidence and self-esteem through a highly communicative and conversational teaching approach;
  • providing students with the necessary language skills to cope with situations relevant to their particular age group that can form the basis for future progression
  • offering exchange possibilities to visit, work and study through a range of extra-curricular activities both in Germany and in English-speaking countries;
  • increasing students’ awareness of the similarities and differences between their home culture and English-speaking cultures; and
  • preparing students, where necessary, for formal and informal assessments (e.g. Cambridge University English Language Exams, Occupational English Test or TOEFL/TOEIC).


As students advance through the Academy of English, whether it is through its Englische Wichtel (Kinderkrippe) programme for toddlers, its BSB Young Learners programme for young children, its ECCO coaching programme for teenagers or the ECCO programme for adults, they should all:

  • improve pronunciation and fluency;
  • improve their comprehension skills;
  • cope with more complicated tasks;
  • deal with unpredictability;
  • show more independence in learning the language and make more effective use of reference material;
  • increase knowledge of language structures and grammar;
  • use a wider variety of vocabulary topics; and
  • develop an awareness of the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken.