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Building on from the successes of Programme OL WE from the previous two years, Miss Leigh and Mrs Westwood accompanied four students from the High Arcal School to Oldenburg, Germany in the Year 10 work experience week. From 17-22 July 2016, four students came to Oldenburg and did their one-week work experience placements in a variety of companies around the city: Emily-Jane Riley gained insights into the world of physiotherapy at Physio Paultyn, even visiting local OAP homes and hospitals to see how the elderly are catered for in Oldenburg. Interested in the world of animals and biology, Phoebe Curran spent a highly successful week at Kleintierarztpraxis Hatten, where she observed and assisted with operations on small animals. Her sister, Willow Curran, was employed at a local legal practice and rose to the challenge of working in a legal environment. Lauren Beele worked closely with the Director of Studies at the Academy of English.

Given its popularity and success from 2015, Programme OL WE also treated its students to a “Betriebsausflug”, a business trip, to the former British colony of Helgoland in the North Sea. Flying with three light aircraft for twenty minutes, they got to see the island with its herd of seals on the sea line. Some of the party even took to the cold North Sea for a swim.

For photos of the trip, please click here.