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Since it was established in 2008, the Academy of English has emerged to become a leading lifelong institution of English as a Foreign Language in northwestern Germany. This growth is very much down to the excellence of our teaching, the creation of an English-speaking learning environment and our service to the local and national community.

In well under a decade, we have helped thousands of individuals, young and old, achieve their goals in the English language by breaking down barriers to learning success and giving them outstanding supervision and support in the foreign language. Delivered by our team of qualified native English-speaking teachers, courses are consistently rated to be “good” or “excellent”, not least because of their tailor-made nature and the professionalism of our staff. And we are proud to have a 100% pass rate for Academy of English students taking formal Cambridge examinations.

Looking ahead to the future, languages as life skills will gain in significance. Increased mobility and international trade will allow individuals to cross even more borders and, in doing so, they will need to be equipped with not just normal language skills, but specialized ones. The Academy of English will continue to see its role as a language provider, equipping individuals and groups with the necessary language competencies to cope in the twenty-first century where English will retain its dominance as the lingua franca.

Our challenge, as an institution, will be to cater for the demand for greater specialisms and the widening of provisions of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). We have already embarked on an exciting journey to meet this need; and we are proud to offer specialist courses in Medical English, Legal English, Aviation English and Maritime English, delivered by experts in these respective fields.

The next decade will see the Academy of English build on its successes as a teaching-led institution to become a dual centre of language teaching and research. We have already made concrete steps in this endeavour, especially in receiving the former CILT library, the former UK national library for languages in 2016. This impressive academic resource will serve as a springboard to establish the Academy as a flagship teacher training centre for languages and also as a focal point for academics and researchers.

In pursuing our future goals and rising to (un)foreseen challenges, we will keep close ties to our national and international partners as well as the local community. Retaining such links will ensure the continued relevance of our English language programmes and the continued excellence of our teaching, learning and research.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy of English.

Dr. John Goodyear
Director of Studies