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The Stefan Penchev Teaching English as a Foreign Language Library (SPTEFLL)

Stefan Penchev is a Bulgarian-born English language teacher, trainer, inspector who has carved a successful career for himself delivering the English language to non-native speakers of English. He combines deep theoretical understanding and delivery in practice with a firm belief in information technology in the classroom to bring across to students in an interactive and entertaining manner. Stefan speaks here of “edutainment”, combining education and entertainment together.

In 2010, just one year after the launch of English Conversation and Culture Oldenburg (ECCO), Stefan Penchev generously donated a substantial collection on English language volumes from his previous education establishment in Gabrovo in Bulgaria to the Academy of English.

The collection contains the broadest possible selection of volumes and works for the delivery of English as a Foreign Language from the following publishers: Cambridge University Press, Cornelsen, Delta Publishing Heinle and Heinle, Heinemann, Kaplan, Klett, Longman, McMillian, National Geographic, Nelson Thornes, Oxford University Press and Pearson.

The wealth of audio visual material with cassettes, CDs, video cassettes, CDROMs and DVDs also mean that this collection is not just as information resource for the Academy, but also a historical one, charting developments of audio-visual EFL materials over the past three decades with its array of resources.

Contained in the library is a significant collection of resources for English for Specific Purposes (ESP), which informs many of the Academy’s specialist courses: Business English, Medical English, English for Nursing, English for the Oil and Gas Industry, English for Information Technology, English for Football, English for Engineering, Aviation English, Legal English.

Volumes on grammar form a key part of the collection. From grammar for beginners to advanced grammar, the world’s leading grammar experts can be found in the library for both staff and students to use in their teaching and learning.

Staff at the Academy of English have access to the entire collection and use a broad range of volumes to inform their individual teaching. Our experience with courses show that not one volume or one book can provide students with all of the answers; yet a more holistic approach combining best practices, best exercises and best illustrations from a broad range of works can provide a better educational provision to students.

Thanks to Stefan Penchev, now based in China and working as a Director of Studies and specializing in the delivery of English to very young learners, the Academy has been given the tools to perform the job. As a debt of gratitude for his donation and continued help, support and advice, the Academy of English appointed him as a Patron in 2016.