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Conversation Circle im April

Mit dem Thema „An American View on Trump´s Politics“ konnten wir wieder viele Interessierte zu unserem Conversation Cirlce locken.
Unser Dozent Forrest, der diesen Conversation Circle ebenfalls geleitet hat, hat eine kleine Zusammenfassung des Abends geschrieben:


Donald Trump has become an omnipresent theme in modern-day politics and news, so we wanted to create a dialogue focused on providing a clear understanding of how Americans view Donald Trump and his politics. Therefore, I focused my presentation material on the „who“, „what“, „when“, „where“, „how“ and „why“ of Trump. We covered various topics such as Trump´s history (both in business and politics), how he won the election and what his presidency is currently accomplishing. This was followed by an open dialogue amongst our attendees where we attempted to answer difficult questions such as „Can you imagine a candidate like Trump in your country?“ and „Do you think Trump will be elected again?“.


Wenn Sie nun selbst Lust bekommen an einem Conversation Circle teilzunehmen, können Sie sich am besten direkt anmelden.
Unser nächstes Thema für den 14. Mai lautet „The Royal Family – What´s the point?“