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The Academy of English is both an English language centre of excellence, but is also heavily involved in the teaching of British culture. In its seminars, lectures and public discussions, the Academy of English has become a major voice for all things British in Oldenburg since 2009. With this voice comes responsibilities: to promote and encourage healthy public debate on current Anglo-German issues in which understanding and awareness of each other is fostered and promoted.

Broadening understanding and awareness in Anglo-German relations has gained a new impetus in the context of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016. Brexit, as it has become widely known, presents itself with enormous challenges, but also a number of opportunities for Anglo-German relations. The importance of Germany in these Brexit negotiations cannot be understated: In her first overseas visit as Prime Minister, Theresa May did not visit Washington, Beijing or Paris, but Berlin to hold talks with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, particularly on the issue of Brexit.

For individuals, groups and companies, understanding Brexit and its consequences will be key to important future private and business decisions. Through its seminars, public discussions and lectures, the Academy of English can make sense of the facts, break through the generalizations and answer questions, such as: Why did the UK vote to leave? What does this mean for the UK? How will the UK live, work and operate outside of the EU?

The Academy offers special company packages – from one-off public lectures, business seminars to consultancy sessions – on Brexit, addressing broader questions of cultural, language and political identity in a twenty-first century globalized world. These were among some of the questions which were addressed in the aftermath of the Brexit decision at podium discussion of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Hanover on June 24, 2016.

From left to right: Professor Claas Friedrich Germelmann, Dr. John Goodyear, Bernd Lange MdEP, S.E. Georges Santes, Marina Kormbaki