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At the last population count, there were around 150 British nationals and a similar number of American nationals registered in Oldenburg. Although this does not quite constitute 0.2% of the total population of Oldenburg, interest in Anglo-American cultures run high in Oldenburg. English is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools; the University boasts a huge and vibrant English department; many cultural events––from film showing to concerts––are in English; large numbers of people travel to the United States and the United Kingdom to live, work and study.

The Academy of English also regards itself as a meeting point for native speakers, providing a home away from home; but at the same time displaying this home to local people from Oldenburg. Part of the Academy’s mission is to foster good community relations by increasing an awareness and understanding of the other. In creating pursing this goal and also creating a “home away from home” at the Academy, we have developed a large network of English-language contacts, which would like to share with the wider community:

Academy of English:

American Women’s Club of Hamburg:

Anglo-German Club e. V. in Hamburg:

Australisch-Deutsche Art-Association:

Bezirksgruppe Gruppe Oldenburg (BBK): Artistic Partnership with Kingston-Upon-Thames:

Brass Sax Petersfehn (yearly concert in Petersfehn with many English theme tunes):

BRITFILMS: British Schools Film Festival at Casablanca Cinema every summer:

The British Decorate and Fine Arts Society of Osnabrück e. V. (BRIDFAS):

British Expats: Osnabrück Royal British Legion (Yearly Event in November Sage, nr. Oldenburg):

British Flair – Das Beste aus Großbritannien:

British Indian Curries (in Bremen):

Carl Schurz Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club e. V.:

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Institut für Anglistik / Amerikanistik:

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, International Student Office:

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Language Centre:

Casablanca Cinema:

Celts and Saxon Club:

cine k (cinema showing occasional films in the English language):

Couchsurfing Monthly English Meeting (once-monthly gathering at Litfaß in Oldenburg):

Delmenhorst Stadtmarketing:

Democrats Abroad – Germany, Bremen Precinct:

Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft:

Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft:

DKG: International Society for Key Women Educators (Delta-Chapter):

Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst:

English Cinema at CINEMAXX Oldenburg (every Monday night):

English Christmas Service at Ev.-Luth Church in Oldenburg:

The English Club:

English Radio in Oldenburg:

English-speaking Meet-Up-Group in Oldenburg:

English-speaking Theatre Group (performances at nearby Delmenhorst theatre):

English and Indian Tea Merchant:

English training for body language techniques by Neil Holmes:

Fachpraxis für Ergotherapie & Psychotherapie (HPG) in Delmenhorst for English speakers:

Ferienhof Hollwege (Holiday Home run by Anglo-German couple Mr. and Mrs. Hollwege):

Folk-Initiative OL (Irish folk music event organiser):

Freunde Cornwalls – Kerens A Kernow e.V., Oldenburg:

German-Chinese Friendship Society (meeting on the third Thursday of the month in Restaurant Shang Hai with some events held in English or with English used as the lingua franca):

Hamburg English Language Teachers Association (HELTA):

Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg:

Helen Doron Early English, Oldenburg:

Horst Janssen Museum, Oldenburg:

Indian Dancing Troop Saheli:

International Ceramics Fair Oldenburg:

Irish Tweed Shop:

Kingston-Upon-Thames Twinning with Oldenburg:

Kleine Galerie, Steinfeld, Diepholz (concerts in English):

Martin McWilliam’s Ceramics Studio in Sandhatten:

Municipal Museum, Oldenburg:

Musikschau der Nationen (yearly concert in Bremen with American, Irish and British guests):

OLMUN: Oldenburg Model United Nations (the largest MUN organised exclusively by school children in Western Europe and held yearly in the English language in Oldenburg):

Oldenburger Centrum für Alternative Medizin CAM-OL (English-speaking practice director):

Oldenburger Kunstverein:

Oldenburg Tourist Management (organizes city tours in English):

Oldenburg Translators‘ Monthly Open Meeting in cooperation with BDÜ Landesverband Nord (usually take place on the second Wednesday of the month):
Contact: Hans Christian von Steuber:

PFL Cultural Centre:

Praxis für Gesundheit (Osteopathist Ray Brown):

Scottish Country Dance in Oldenburg:

Showband Rastede:

State Museum for Art and Cultural History:

Sweet Chili American Country Music Group:

Sweet Sugar Swing (all-female Oldenburg-based music group)

Local Oldenburg Government (English language page):

The Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub, Oldenburg:

Tweed Run, Oldenburg:

U.S. Consulate General in Hamburg:

University of Vechta, English Department:

Upstairs Gallery, a platform for contemporary art and inter-disciplinary projects in Oldenburg:

Voice: Singer Mary Kehl (English-speaking performance coach: Pop, Soul, Jazz, Musical, Classic)

Volkshochschule Oldenburg:

World Press Photo (Amsterdam-based international exhibition on photography, held once per year in Oldenburg at the Schloss):